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Having difficulty writing scientific, technical or even general manuscripts in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE?

Worry no more!! We will assist you complete the job in no time. What’s more? We even provide DISCOUNTED / BUDGET /AFFORDABLE editing and writing services which can be negotiated. See pricing.

Unable to write your research paper in English? Not a problem. Write in your own language. We will TRANSLATE it to English. We have translators for major languages (eg: Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Malay, Mandarin, etc). Usually we are able to translate most major languages. Just ask us.

Most professional scientific journals now require the final draft be edited by native English speakers before it is accepted for publication.

We have enlisted the expertise of native English speakers that are skilled graduates of prestigious universities in Australia to serve as our editorial team.

Our native English speaking Editors are committed to help you with their writing or editing services so that you can publish your research papers in professional journals or use it for any professional purpose.

We at Australian Editorial Services are members of the academic community with many years of experience in Editing and Writing scientific manuscripts.

Native English Editor

Native English Editor

“Value for money. Cheap! Only  US$0.058 or  GB 0.046 per word for an average manuscript of 6000 words.  Our services are really cheap but of highest quality. Try us.”


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