Organizations in countries where English is the second language may outsource our editorial services on contract basis.


English is the second language in many countries the world over. Writing in English can often be a challenge for many non-English speaking professionals in these countries.


Mistakes in notices, signage, and official documents written in the English language are quite common. Such mistakes could be embarrassing, misleading, incomprehensible, or worse, even completely wrong which will reflect poorly on total quality management (TQM) of the organization.


We offer to edit all documents written in English including scientific and medical manuscripts for your organization such that the English used will appear impeccable and extremely professional displaying an image of quality and excellence for your organization. This will ultimately contribute to the overall Total Quality Management (TQM) of your organization.


The following organizations could benefit from our editorial services:

  • Universities
  • Publishers
  • Scientific Journals
  • Hospital Administrations
  • Government and Non-Government Organizations
  • Business Entities
  • Other Organizations, Etc.


The above organizations can enter into an agreement with AES for mutual benefit. For instance, universities can obtain our services for their students at discounted rates. Publishers likewise can obtain our editorial services to significantly improve the quality of their manuscripts. Please email us to discuss this in greater detail to mutual satisfaction.



Take advantage of our promotional service. You may negotiate for a very attractive discounted rate.


Please engage us to perform all your English editing needs. We also provide translation and statistical analyses. We provide fast and very satisfactory service.


The editing jobs we provide include all documents except legal documents. Examples of editing jobs we can undertake include:


  • Student Theses
  • Student Assignments
  • IPP’s: Institutional Policies & Protocol
  • DPP’s: Department Policies & Protocol
  • SOP’s: Standard Operating Procedures
  • Manuals / Instruction Books
  • Brochures / Flyers / Pamphlets
  • Official Forms / Questionnaires
  • Announcements/ Notice Board
  • Notifications/ Directives
  • Books and General Publications
  • Official Letters/ Proposals
  • Official Documents/Grant Applications
  • Research Manuscripts/Publications
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Signage: Street Signs/ Office Signs,
  • Reports/ Any document except legal


We look forward to the pleasure of serving your organization. Please email us at: [email protected] for further details and to negotiate a mutually agreeable contract.


For more info about our services or pricing or to negotiate contracts. Please fill in the form below.